Are you still watching the NFL?

football1Has the recent turmoil in the NFL, including domestic abuse, child abuse and cover-up scandals, caused you to flinch when it comes time to watch? The most popular American pro sport has seen its share of somber news conferences recently, with everyone taking notice and perhaps looking at the league a bit differently.

Did week 3 see any dip in ratings? Will Monday Night Football tonight show a drop in viewers or will the eyeballs still be there? Some sponsors have made it known their distaste for the recent off field issues, but two or three companies won’t do much to bring the league much reason to change much. Social media and public pressure have started to show that maybe the NFL can be pressured into making some major changes. Only time (and bank accounts) will tell.

Personally, I have a hard time tuning in. Are you still watching?

More Comic Book Movies Please!

popcornI talk about it a lot here, I like comic book movies and shows. While I will continue to admit that I don’t know every detail and every story line about every obscure comic book character, I do enjoy watching the colorful heroes come to life on the big and small screen. I grew up reading comics, watching cartoons and playing with the action figures and now enjoy talking and playing super heroes with my sons. I love that I can pass down my love of comic books and super heroes to them.

A new comic book movie has just been announced and it is one that there have been a lot of rumors about lately. Teased recently with some “leaked” test footage, Deadpool has been announced for February of 2016. An early version of the character was played by Ryan Reynolds in Wolverine Origins and Reynolds even voiced the test footage back in 2011.  (A much better fit for him, as opposed to the much-panned Green Lantern.)

The Mashable article here has the test footage. (Warning, it is a bit graphic, even for CGI test footage.) However, based on this and what we know of Deadpool’s sense of humor, this could be one that my boys may have to wait to see. That will depend on the trailer and ratings.

TV Everywhere

shutterstock_159865043UPDATE: National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild have been added to channels that offer tv everywhere programming. Visit their sites or to see what is available.

Watching TV doesn’t just mean watching a television set that is in the center of your living room, man-cave or bedroom. Watching TV just means watching video programming. Period. Whether it is on the 50 inch HDTV in the living room, a lap top while setting on the couch or a tablet or smart phone while relaxing on your back porch.

It’s all ‘TV’ …everywhere.

We hear from some of our customers that they want to experience this new way of TV viewing, but just aren’t sure what is available to them. Your Armstrong Television Plus subscription lets you unlock thousands of hours of video from hundreds of programmers including apps from over 30 networks on your favorite devices.  Sign in with your Armstrong username and password to get access to apps and websites from networks like USA, TBS, TNT, Bravo, Syfy, NBC Sports Network, Cartoon Network, History, A&E and more.

Not sure where to start, check out to see programming from over 300 providers, or find your favorite network below, including links to websites, Apple iOS apps or Google Android apps.


A&E Apple Google
BET Apple Google
Bravo Apple
Cartoon Network Apple Google
Cinemax (MAX GO) Apple Google
CMT Apple Google
CNBC Apple
CNN / HLN Apple Google
Comedy Central Apple Google
Deportes Telemundo Apple Google
Fox Business News Apple Google
Fox News Apple Google
fyi Apple
Golf Channel Apple Google
HBO (HBO GO) Apple Google
History / H2 Apple Google
Lifetime / LMN Apple Google
MTV Apple Google
NBC News
National Geographic
Nat Geo Wild
NBC Sports Apple Google
NFL Network/Redzone Apple Google
Nick / NickToons Apple Google
Nick Jr.
Oxygen Apple
Sprout Apple Google
Syfy Apple
TBS Apple Google
TCM Apple Google
Telemundo Apple Google
Tennis Channel Apple Google
TNT Apple Google
TruTV Apple Google
USA Apple Google
VH1 Apple Google

Demand It!


Normally we discuss the upcoming New Release movies on Armstrong On Demand. (The Fault in Our Stars and Godzilla are available this week from Armstrong On Demand.) However, I wanted to point out a great new Featured Collection; the works of Robin Williams.

After the recent passing of one of the worlds most gifted comedians and actors it is nice to go back and celebrate his works. Personally, I watched Aladdin right after the voice of the Genie had died and plan on digging out my Popeye DVD soon.

This full collections offers some of his greatest dramatic performances from Awakenings and Dead Poet Society to Good Will Hunting and What Dreams May Come. Share some family classics like Mrs. Doubtfire or Night at the Museum. Or watch one of his early classics Good Morning Vietnam. Enjoy these or many others that celebrate the life and works of Robin Williams.

To find the folder, tune to Armstrong On Demand on channel 1 or selecting the On Demand button on your remote. Follow the folder selections of Movies > Featured Collections (go to the second page) > Robin Williams.


New Apple Products

digitaldeviceAnother September is here and so is another Apple product announcement. You can set your watch by it. And actually next year, you can set your Apple Watch by it. Along with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple announced a new ‘smartwatch’ that works directly with your iPhone.

The jokes have already started and will surely continue for months. However, when Apple launched the iPad several years ago, the jokes were there too. However, iPads have become a standard in mobile technology. From hospitals to retail locations and even sporting events, you see these super useful and powerful tools being used to carryout daily functions.

Will the Apple Watch be as commonplace as the iPad in four or five years? Maybe not, but they will surely move past the jokes before you know it. Will you be getting an Apple Watch?

Farm Aid

concertalertTo call this just a Concert Alert, like the picture implies, would be a huge understatement. This is one of the biggest concert events every year.

AXS TV is broadcasting Farm Aid 2014 Music and Food Festival LIVE Saturday, September 13th at 7pm ET. The all-day music and food festival – now in it’s 29th year – has raised more than $45 million to help family farms thrive, while inspiring millions of people to take action to change the dominant system of industrial agriculture.

AXS TV is proud to be a part of Farm Aid for the first time as their exclusive broadcast partner! Don’t miss live performances by Farm Aid President and Founder Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds and more!

Demand It!


It’s here. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I am not sure that much else has to be said.

Marvel has done a wonderful job at bringing all of the Avengers to life on the big screen, but has really excelled in making their individual story lines just as compelling as “the Avengers.” (Something that I hope DC is able to do as it builds is on screen Justice League universe.) [Read more...]


ticketsandpopcornCinefix, a movie buff YouTube site, created a supercut of the 100 most iconic movie shots of all time. Naturally, when you make a list of this magnitude, things are going to get left off that others feel should have been included. Regardless, this shot is full of plenty of movie scenes that really do tell the history of filmmaking.

The Fast Company article here, discusses the clips and commends Cinefix for not trying to rank them, but simply put them together in a nice flow that captures what we all love about the movies. What do you think is missing?

Fall Television 2014

Fall is creeping in. While the temperature may still say Summer (and technically, it still is) it starts to feel like Fall when school is back in session and the football teams head back out on the field. Another sure sign of Fall; new television lineups.

Television shows have a lot of competition in this day and age. It used to be 3 or 4 channels worth of sitcoms and dramas, but now you have all kinds of competition. And year round. However, there is something that is still exciting about seeing the new fall network lineups.

As a comic book fan, I am excited about the premier of The Flash and the third season of Arrow on CW, as well as Gotham on Fox. I feel I gave Agents of SHIELD a fair shot, so based on that I probably won’t be watching season 2 or the premier of Agent Carter on ABC. There are plenty more new shows to keep an eye on.

Could I have imagined five different comic book related shows on the air when I was a kid? No way. In fact, lets take a look at the top 10 TV Shows in the US from 25 years ago. (1989-1990 season)

10. NFL Monday Night Football (some things never change)

9. Empty Nest (a spin-off of number 6)

8. The Wonder YearsTV

7. 60 Minutes

6. The Golden Girls

5. America’s Funniest Home Videos (now replaced by YouTube)

4. A Different World (a spin-off of number 2)

3. Cheers

2. The Cosby Show

1. Roseanne

Demand It!


A collective sigh-of-relief could be heard across the region this past week from Moms everywhere. School is back in session. The Facebook posts proved it.

What more could a mother ask for, than finally a little time off during the day to drink a cup of coffee, watch an entire show of their choosing and even go to the bathroom without a kid screaming for something. How about a Moms’ night out? What could be more fun that an even out to dinner with some other mothers? What could go wrong?

New this week from Armstrong On Demand, we find out how bad it could really be. Judging by the trailer below, Moms’ Night Out looks like Hangover for parents. It definitely looks to have some funny moments and probably takes a parents understanding to realize how funny most of that stuff is. Take a look and see if any of you mothers can relate. [Read more...]