Repurposing Older Technology

momdaughteripadWe all know how fast technology changes. Just as soon as you buy the most recent version of a phone, laptop, tablet or video game system, it seems like it is already out of date. Every year we get new press conferences detailing all of the upgrades to your favorite device, making the device in your hands at the time seem worthless. Truly what social media would refer to as a “first world problem.”

The newest lineup of iPads are on display and will soon be in the hands of anxious holiday consumers. But what to do with the ancient relic you have in front of you right now? Gizmodo recently listed 8 ways to repurpose your older iPads.

The article recommends using the older devices as a kitchen companion, an e-reader or comic book library. Or if you have really lost all hope for the device a picture frame. I personally like the idea of using the devices for In-Car Entertainment. Downloading movies through services like Vudu, iTunes and Disney take the place of a car DVD player and it can double as a gaming device when movies are over.

I certainly subscribe to this thinking. Our original iPad is still in use as a gaming, video and learning tablet for our kids. Apps like Netflix, ABC Mouse, Minecraft and Angry Birds still work just fine on this dinosaur device. We have done the same with older iPhones. Loading them with games and videos, I am sure the patrons at our local restaurant thank us.

Read the full article here.

Starz Play and Encore Play

popcornStarz is a big name in premium cable channels , offering fresh new release movies and great original programming, including the new basketball drama Survivor’s Remorse, popular period pieces Outlander and Black Sails and much more. Starz’s sister network Encore features some of your favorite movies from several years ago (hence the name, Encore) and some from just a few years ago.

Armstrong subscribers who have the Starz/Encore package can now access Starz Play and Encore Play, the great TV Everywhere suite of websites and apps. In addition to all the movies that Starz has available on their family of channels, Starz Play offers complete seasons of original programming both new and old, including gone-too-soon favorite Party Down and action packed Spartacus. Encore Play, also more than just movies, has classic television series like Diff’rent Strokes, 227, Gunsmoke, Night Court and Magnum PI.

Starz Play and Encore Play are available on their own websites, as well as on iOS platforms, Android platforms and in the Amazon Appstore and NOOK Apps. See the links below to get quick access to some of your favorites.

Starz Play Online

Starz Play on iOS (Apple)

Starz Play on Android (Google)

Encore Play Online

Encore Play on iOS (Apple)

Encore Play on Android (Google)

Major League Baseball

baseball3Baseball schedules for the 2015 season schedule for our regional teams can be found below.

Pittsburgh Pirates

Cleveland Indians

Cincinnati Reds

Baltimore Orioles


Demand It!


My TV weeks are pretty busy lately. I have Gotham on Monday, The Flash on Tuesday and Arrow on Wednesday. That is a lot of comic book TV. But this week I plan to fit in some X-Men. Armstrong On Demand debuts X-Men: Days of Futures Past this week. We finally see the bridging of the Patrick Stewart era X-Men and the James McAvoy era X-Men in this critically reviewed mash-up. We are set up to have a third movie to bring an end to this set of portrayals, but I personally hope there is more. What do you think?

TV Everywhere

shutterstock_159865043UPDATE: Starz Play and Encore Play are now available with your paid subscription. Check out the links to the site and apps below.

Watch ESPN is now available to Armstrong customers. Download the app, visit the site or verify on any available connected devices.

Watching TV doesn’t just mean watching a television set that is in the center of your living room, man-cave or bedroom. Watching TV just means watching video programming. Period. Whether it is on the 50 inch HDTV in the living room, a lap top while setting on the couch or a tablet or smart phone while relaxing on your back porch.

It’s all ‘TV’ …everywhere.

We hear from some of our customers that they want to experience this new way of TV viewing, but just aren’t sure what is available to them. Your Armstrong Television Plus subscription lets you unlock thousands of hours of video from hundreds of programmers including apps from over 40 networks on your favorite devices.  Sign in with your Armstrong username and password to get access to apps and websites from networks like USA, TBS, TNT, Bravo, Syfy, NBC Sports Network, ESPN, Cartoon Network, History, A&E, Hallmark and more.

Not sure where to start, check out to see programming from over 300 providers, or find your favorite network below, including links to websites, Apple iOS apps or Google Android apps.



A&E Apple Google
BET Apple Google
Bravo Apple
Cartoon Network Apple Google
Cinemax (MAX GO) Apple Google
CMT Apple Google
CNBC Apple
CNN / HLN Apple Google
Comedy Central Apple Google
Deportes Telemundo Apple Google
Encore (Encore Play) Apple Google
ESPN / ESPN2 / ESPN News / ESPN U (Watch ESPN) Apple Google
Fox Business News Apple Google
Fox News Apple Google
fyi Apple
Golf Channel Apple Google
Hallmark Apple Google
HBO (HBO GO) Apple Google
History / H2 Apple Google
Lifetime / LMN Apple Google
MTV Apple Google
NBC News
National Geographic
Nat Geo Wild
NBC Sports Apple Google
NFL Network/Redzone Apple Google
Nick / NickToons Apple Google
Nick Jr.
Oxygen Apple
Spike Apple
Sprout Apple Google
Starz (Starz Play) Apple Google
Syfy Apple
TBS Apple Google
TCM Apple Google
Telemundo Apple Google
Tennis Channel Apple Google
TNT Apple Google
TruTV Apple Google
USA Apple Google
VH1 Apple Google

Antlers & Anglers

1450252_213718498811121_484142346_nArmstrong has been proud to present Antlers & Anglers in many of its regions over the past few years. Just this past month we held the 2014 edition of Meadville’s Antlers & Anglers. Our Local Programming team was able to catch several presenters and activities at this fall’s event. Check out some of the video below or visit the Antlers & Anglers Facebook page for more information.
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Concert Alert!

concertalertAXS TV is broadcasting LIVE this weekend from the Southern Ground Music Festival Saturday, October 11 and Sunday, October 12 from Charleston, SC.

Zac Brown’s Southern Ground Music & Food Festival returns to Charleston, SC again this year!  If you can’t make it, watch it LIVE only on AXS TV Channel 185!

Enjoy the Southern-Fried beats & eats as Zac Brown Band & many more perform – October 11 at 7PM & October 12 at 5PM!

Enjoy music from ZBB, Blues Traveler, the Old 97s and many more.

Demand It!


New this week from Armstrong On Demand, we have Tom Cruise future-adventure film Edge of Tomorrow (Halo meets Groundhog Day) and Million Dollar Arm. Check out the trailers below.

However, I want to call out a special seasonal folder in the Armstrong On Demand menu; Halloween Favorites. Check out some great horror films in the Fright Fest sub-folder, a full selection of Starz Halloween horror films (FREE with your Starz subscription) and even a Kids Halloween folder with family friendly movies to get you ready for Trick or Treat.

Check out the Haunted Reality folder with Ghost Hunters, Ghost Asylum and more. Too scary for you? Try Halloween Wars from Food Network for the faint of heart. Or even check out direct folders for Teen Wolf and The Walking Dead. Halloween Favorites has something for everyone this month! [Read more...]

The Walking Dead

moonOne week left until the premier of Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The hugely popular post-apocalyptic drama returns next Sunday, October 12. Get caught up on last season. Armstrong On Demand has the final five episodes from season 4 now.

Tip: Access the show quickly through the Halloween Favorites folder in your On Demand menu.

Sunny Days… Keeping the TV away?

It’s that time of year again when believe it or not, the sun can interfere with television signal for short periods during the day. Even though this happens twice a year, many people still don’t understand Sun Outages or have even heard of them for that matter. Let’s take a look at the most obvious question.

What is a sun outage?

Sun outages (or solar interference) occur during February/March and September/October of each year.  It results in the poor signal or complete loss of satellite signal for short periods of time each day for around a week.  This time of the year they are occurring October 7th through October 11th.

Solar interference is a natural part of satellite operations. The effects will be seen on most channels and will occur during various times of the day.  Interruptions can last from just a few minutes to up to 15 minutes a day and can range from mild to severe.

Sun Outage takes place when the orbital positions of the satellite and the sun are in one line. The earth station receives signals from both, but the more powerful sun rays subdue the desired signal, causing a loss of service. Since Armstrong receives our signals from a variety of satellites, the sun outages can occur at different times on different channels.

What to expect during a sun outage?
You may see sparkles in the first days of the sun outage time-frame. It may gradually deteriorate to the point of total outage.  Some channels will experience freezing, tiling or complete loss of audio and video.

This Solar interference will be seen in ALL levels of television service.   The channels involved are ones we receive from satellites.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done technically or otherwise to prevent the sun outage effects.  It is a worldwide event.

While there is nothing we can actually do to stop this from happening, we hope that explaining this event will help to keep you from getting too frustrated with this brief interruption.

For more information, visit our support page at